Hotbox is a subordinate division of Beyond Engineering. Beyond Engineering is a Startup based in Maranello. It was founded by engineers and technical guys specialized in various fields. The company works in the field of innovation, from the design, development and getting innovative products to the market.

The different passions of the founders are also the various divisions in which Beyond Engineering works: food delivery, drones and industrial automation.

Born in 2016, the Startup is a dynamic environment, made of an always up to date team in terms of innovation. The fundamental values are cooperation and perseverance.

Beyond Engineering has developed in few years a rich skillset and engineering/technology know-how that allowed it to be put on the map of the best Startups in Italy.

The startups works with national research centers and some top universities. Thanks to that we do improve the quality of our offers, so that we can guarantee always competitive services.

Always open to new projects, Beyond Engineering uses innovative technologies, also to offer specialized consultancy for every demand.


The mission is to bring innovative products to the market always looking Beyond thanks to engineering and to the collaboration with our customer. Beyond Engineering not only wants to bring and encourage innovation, we want to leave a positive impact and thanks to our Value adding approach we want to grow together with our customers.