Capienza di Hotbox Extra:



Hotbox is the most advanced device in the world for hot food delivery.

Thanks to the constant heating system, air recirculation and de-humidifier, smart harvesting the wasted heat of the scooter it allows to keep the food hot and fragrant during the delivery time from the restaurant to the customer.

Hotbox is an innovative device with a 50 Liters capacity and can carry up to 12 pizzas.

Hotbox ensures that the quality of the food of the last delivery is as good as it was the first. It is not needed anymore to stop by the restaurant for each and every order, but it is possible to carry multiple deliveries.

After multiple drive tests we proved that with Hotbox, compared to standard solutions, it is possible to complete 3 deliveries rather than just two in a time-lapse of 30 minutes.

Therefore, Hotbox makes it possible to increase the delivery radius and to save on time and thus, costs. Hotbox improves the customer satisfaction enhancing a better experience.