how hotbox works

Temperature up to 90 °CFunzionamento Hotbox Food

Hotbox harvests the exciding heat of the scooter. It keeps the food delivered at a constant temperature of 90°C guaranteeing hot dishes to the customer. A standard scooter efficiency is about 20%; the remaining energy gets lost both in the cooling system and in the exhaust system. Hotbox’s innovation is to re-use this heat, otherwise lost, using a stainless steel pipe that connects the silencer to the Hotbox. The heat is conveyed in a stainless tube that is used as a heat exchanger for the food compartment. The inner part of Hotbox keeps the food with a steady temperature of 90°C just after 15 minutes from the scooter start up. Even in the unfortunate event of a failure, there is no change that the gases can reach the delivered food, because the two sections are completely insulated.

air recirculation

Taking as example a standard ventilated oven, the air re-circulation moves the steam that the food makes towards the de-humidifier. The standard delivery devices can’t get rid of the internal humidity generated by the food, this causes the loss in the food taste and texture. Hotbox’s innovative solution is the presence of a re-circulation system that uses a fan that keeps a constant airflow inside the box, removing the steam. The air re-circulation uses a forced convection system that significantly improves and balance the temperature inside Hotbox, making the de-humidification system more efficient. It guarantees the food’s fragrance for an improved customer satisfaction.


The de-humidifier eliminates the humidity of the food during the delivery from the restaurant to the customer. The standard devices may be able to keep the temperature for some time but they can´t eliminate the humidity which decreases the taste and consistence quality of many dishes like pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken and potatoes, ect. The innovation in Hotbox lies in a de-humidifier that makes the water vapor condensate. The drops are then ejected throughout a specific duct. The de-humidifier is designed accordingly with the Hotbox size. This system makes sure that the fragrance of the food stays the same until the customers’ houses.