Pepa L’Arepa is an innovative pizzeria form of four Italian Venezuelan partners. It is among the best pizzerias in Modena according to Trip Advisor. The Hotbox team, because of the good reviews of the pizzeria, decides to contact one of the owners, Cesare, to ask if they could develop hotbox together with him. Cesare, enthusiastic of the idea happily accepted. He exposed to the team all the problems and frustrations he was facing when delivering the food to his clients. Thanks to Cesare’s input, the team could develop the first prototype and the subsequent iterations until the final product.

According to Cesare and his partners, that continues to use hotbox, the quality of their food at their client’s homes has drastically increased. This is very important to them because food delivery is their main source of income. Thanks to Hotbox, Pepa L’arepa can claim to have the best food delivery service in all Modena.