Grow food delivery with JustEat marketing


Are you a restaurateur and would like to promote your food deliveries using JustEat’s marketing services?

You will be able to increase and retain your customer base.

Anthony is a restaurateur like you and in this video he will show you live all the practical steps you can take to best promote and grow your food deliveries for your restaurant, using JustEat’s partner platform. You will know all the secrets of the Marketing center and be able to set up your promotional campaigns. There will be no more secrets for you!

How to do it? Watch Anthony’s video and learn how to manage the menu and promote food delivery with JustEat


You will learn about:

Premium placement, with the ability to purchase postal code sponsorship. You will be able to choose the cap(s) of the areas surrounding your venue that you want to “purchase”, starting with the closest areas in which you want to advertise. This will make your venue appear at the top of the list when the customer does a search. You will be able to see the amount of the budget recommended by JustEat for this operation and possibly modify it according to your availability. You will then be able to see the performance of your past promotions and make the best decisions for future ones

The Offer a discount section allows you to set all parameters related to discounts, setting a value for the minimum purchase or minimum order spend to get the discount, the percentage of discount applicable, the times when you can place the order to get the discount, as well as the possibility of applying it for all customers or only for new customers

The Loyalty Cards section will allow you to manage the application of discounts or special offers for loyalty card holders, possibly even in addition to the discounts available to all other customers

We leave you with Anthony’s video demonstration. He will not only explain how it works, but he will show you all the steps live and give you lots of useful tips to grow your business and promote home delivery with JustEat.

If you follow his step-by-step instructions, you will discover how to promote your home deliveries with JustEat’s platform. The marketing center will have no more secrets for you! You will then be able to win many new and retain existing customers and make your home delivery restaurant known.

Now all is left to do is go to the marketing center of JustEat and try it out!


Want more information on making perfect deliveries to your customers’ homes? Write to us for a quote!

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consegne di cibo a domicilio per ristoratore

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