How to choose the packaging for food deliveries


Have you ever wondered how to choose the right packaging for your food deliveries?

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Here are our recommendations

At Hotbox we have done everything we can to make your delivery a strength, but for everything to be absolutely perfect it takes a little effort on your part when choosing food packaging, that must be up to our technology!

We have made sure that no miraculous and expensive solutions are needed, but since the technology of

Hotbox guarantees the highest standard of delivery,

we ask you to choose the simplest and least polluting (as well as least expensive!) packaging, and that is pulp containers, possibly perforated on several sides to allow steam to go out.

Imagine a Hamburger in a carton without any open holes:

How will the moisture be able to get out and how might the warm air flow in?


A Juicy Hamburger, sealed in its carton without any moisture vents, will become something far worst from the product you advertised on the pictures! French fries, Fried onions and chicken wings that you might put in a sealed baggie with no moisture holes will become a moist, soft, oily pile that won’t be even remotely close  to what you just put in the fryer

Triple-layer perforated pulp containers, Hamburger packs with vents, paper bags left open or perforated also are readily available from specialty retailers; but if you still have doubts and feel you need advice, we have a partners page on our site with some packaging companies.

Instead for pizza,

the “stackable pizza cube” with a lid helps maintain product quality and speed up deliveries. We recommend to choose pizza containers that have openings and that are easily stackable so that you can prepare and deliver fast but at the same time moisture comes out taking advantage of Hotbox’s SteamFree technology.

Thanks to Hotbox HotAir and SteamFree technology you do not have to buy expensive packaging. The only thing you have to think about, whether you deliver burgers, meat, pizza, etc. is to choose packaging that allow steam to exit so that Hotbox can extract it and keep your food fragrant. 



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