Tax breaks and benefits for the Catering of Operational Rental in italy


Are you an entrepreneur in the Restaurant industry and interested in tax breaks and solutions to limit your capital investment for your equipment?

Here are some useful tips.

More and more often in modern catering, people are looking for useful solutions to reduce initial investment in plant and machinery. The topic is very interesting if you ata to start a new business, but also if the business is already fully established and you aim to reduce the costs of machinery and maintenance.

A very useful tool to come in support of those in the restaurant business who want to limit investment is the Operating Rental.


What is operational rental? What are the benefits?

Let’s take a brief look at the main reasons why it can be of great help to you in your restaurant business.

1. What does operational leasing consist of:

Operational rental, also known as operating lease, or simply business asset rental is an opportunity that businesses today have to be able to leverage new (or even used) assets for their business activities without being forced to buy them entirely, but only by paying a fixed, periodic fee.

What does this mean? That with operating rental, the restaurateur can have a viable alternative to purchasing the capital goods directly.

In fact, it will not be necessary to purchase the asset (e.g., the oven, furniture, etc.) but another company will purchase it and rent it to the restaurateur in exchange for a fee.
In this way a service is used. You do not purchase the asset, only the use of the asset, in exchange for the fee, as is the case with many other supplies, without burdening the accounts with everything related to the management of an asset that is instrumental to the business. Incidentally, in many cases-if one is interested-there is also the possibility of purchasing the asset at the end of the rental agreement.

2. What are the economic and tax advantages of operating lease:

  1. Economic savings: it is not necessary to buy the asset, it can be used without investing corporate cash or without having to have the cost of the purchase financed by the bank or external lending institutions (as is the case with leasing, for example)
  2. Cost certainty: monthly payments are predetermined and there are NO maxi initial or final installments, as is the case with leasing
  3. One’s debt capacity is maintained unchanged: there is also no reporting to the central risk center.
  4. Wide range of uses: Operating leases represent a formula that can be applied to a great many assets, i.e., all “capital goods” for business activity.
    To be more specific, these assets include all tangible and intangible assets used by businesses for production processes, from office equipment, computers, furniture, professional equipment, etc.
  5. Total deductibility of the economic value of the rental for IRES and IRAP purposes, and in addition, rental fees are deductible for VAT purposes. In practice, the entire rental cost can be deducted/deducted
  6. Exclusion of operating rental goods from industry studies

All of our Hotbox products are rented to caterers on an operating rental basis.


With operational rental, for example, you can have IN-BOX, Hotbox’s new indoor maintainer.

With IN-BOX, you will maintain the optimal quality and temperature of the pizzas and food you decide to store inside the oven installed in your establishment. Riders late on pickup or the loyal customer taking take-out pizza will no longer find floppy cartons and cold, uninviting products, but pizzas as if freshly baked!

Our IN-BOX will not only help you keep your waiting pizzas hot and fragrant for up to 50 minutes after pickup, but will also be an important ally on the busiest evenings of the week. It will allow you to anticipate the preparation of first orders and continue baking while retaining an important head start on up to 22 pizzas or other dishes on your menu.

The customer will also appreciate your commitment to complying with the requirements of the heat chain according to HACCP regulations and thus maintaining the quality of your food without sacrificing safety.

Do you want more information? Fill out the following form free of charge and without obligation and you will be contacted as soon as possible by one of our representatives who can answer all your questions and curiosities.


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