What are the costs for the restaurant that wants to do delivery?


More and more restaurants and pizzerias are gearing up to make food deliveries.

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What are the costs of delivery?

Are you thinking about equipping your restaurant or pizzeria for food deliveries and want to do the math to find out how much it costs to use food delivery platforms? Or are you already making deliveries and wondering how much the cost of delivery affects your revenues?

Here are some tips to better understand what the costs are for the restaurant that wants to do delivery.

The best-known food delivery platforms offer restaurateurs two different types of services:

  • Marketplace with delivery

  • Marketplace without delivery

With the complete delivery service (Marketplace with delivery),

they offer the restaurant the ability to display its menu in the App Marketplace, have the customer fill and receive the order, and have the payment made on the Marketplace circuit. Having arrived at this point, in this case, the platforms themselves also takes care of the delivery of your food to the customer’s home for you

At regular intervals the platform, having retained its commission, will transfer to the restaurateur the money collected for the orders. By purchasing the service from the platform in this mode, the commission paid by the restaurateur to the platform can be up to 30% of the turnover

Then there is the possibility of dispensing coupons for customers, or promoting one’s business through online ADV. In this case you are talking about additional costs, which you will have to consider adding up to commissions, and which could raise costs even

As much as 40% of your turnover

If, on the other hand, you make your own deliveries of food sold through the platforms (Marketplace without delivery),

commission costs stops in a range

varying between 15% and 17%

This is definitely a more convenient solution for the restaurateur, who can invest in customer loyalty and better quality of service by allocating some of the money saved to create his own fleet of vehicles and train his own team of riders.

In both cases, keep in mind that the revenue made with the support of these intermediaries is receipted and paid by the customer directly to the platform. It will then be the platform that, depending on the volume of turnover and the agreements made, that transfer the money to your bank account on a regular basis, which can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In cases of more deferred payments, you will also have to take into consideration the time it takes to take possession of the money from your receipts.

We hope you found our tips for a perfect delivery pizzeria project helpful.



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